Fine Tune Your Old Machine Into It's Formaer Glory!Fine Tune Your Machine!

It is estimated that most people use their computers for an average of 2 to 4 years before beginning to feel the effects of an ageing system. To further exacerbate the precarious condition of ageing systems is the very common habit users have in neglecting to perform routine system maintenance tasks.

So, with constant downloading of files, installation and removal of applications, malicious software activity, installation of devices and drivers, system crashes and halts, and creation of new data it is normal for your computer to become clogged and cluttered with abscess of redundant and unnecessary files.

These files and application littering can cause severe hindrances in performance of your computer if not tended to, and with continual aggregation of system junk it is very likely that your productivity and overall computing experience will be significantly conditioned.

But don’t throw out your ageing system just yet! Despite these symptoms, it does not mean your computer has reached the end of its course. It is still possible to return your system to its former glory, and improve performance by 60%.

So call us today to get you old system in the best shape of its life!

What can Tech iT eZ do for you?

By giving your system one session with a Tech iT eZ fitness consultant, your system will be back in shape in no time, perhaps even surpassing its former peak!

Tech iT eZ can:
  • Speed up your system to decrease loading times, boot times and increase your workplace productivity;
  • Free up valuable storage space by removing unwanted junk files left behind by software installations and de-installation, operating system clutter and Internet residue;
  • Give your computer system greater stability, robustness and solidity by implementing memory economy policies and processor usage rights;
  • Lighten your operating system’s resource demands by disabling unused and resource-intensive services;
  • Clean untidy registry entries and enhance application and operating system performance;
  • Increase file access speed by fixing file systems errors and rearranging disk cluster size.
Call us today and save hundreds on expensive upgrades!