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What is a Computer Network ?
A computer network is essentially two or more computers connected together using Ethernet cables so that they can communicate with each other, enabling the users to connect all the computer peripherals they have in their home or office. Until recently, many users either didn’t see the need to or couldn’t afford more than a single computer. But in today’s digital era, most households have more than a couple computers including desktops, laptops, and even digital home media centers.

With the wide availability and spread of broadband internet access throughout Australia most families are relying heavily on the computers and the internet for their source of information and entertainment, which places even more importance on having a well established computer network.

How can having a Home Network help me?
A network can allow you to do all kinds of exciting things such as share resources like Storage space, printers, scanners, fax machines. Not only that but it also allows the family members to play multiplayer games with other users on different computers in the house sharing the same network. One of the main advantages of having a computer network is that all the users can share one common internet connection at the same time saving a lot of money. Accessing shared files such as photographs, MP3s, spreadsheets and documents etc is also one of the many advantages of having a well established home computer network.

Great, But what equipment do I need to setup a Computer Network at my home?
If you're thinking of networking computers in your home or office, you have several options to explore. You can chose to have your computers networked either using the standard Ethernet cables or using the latest wireless technology which gives you the freedom to use your laptops or desktop computers freely, anywhere within the reach of the wireless network range. For more information on our range of Wireless networking services please visit our Wireless Networking section.

For establishing a computer network using the traditional Ethernet cables you’ll need the following equipment:
•    More than one computer or a laptop.
•    A Network card, either built-in or Add-in.
•    A computer router or an ADSL Modem with a built-in router.
•    Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cables as long as to reach all the computers comfortably.

Can someone else get access to my files or hack into my network from outside?
Hackers as we know them are people that hack or break into other computers and access information that they are not authorized to. Often the process of hacking is done remotely, i.e. from a far away remote location or from another computer network. The hackers try to break into computers using the flaws and holes found in the operating systems themselves or other software that the users might be using on their systems.

What steps can I take to avoid my network being compromised?
Amongst a few techniques that have a great chance of success in keeping the hackers away from your personal files are:
•    Keeping your operating system updated with the latest security and software patches.
•    Have an updated copy of a good antivirus application with the latest definition files installed on each computer on the network.
•    Have a firewall system in place with robust security policies to detect and prevent most of the attempts on hacking your network.
•    And it’s also very important to not open files or attachments that are sent from an unknown source.