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 Your computer won’t boot? Your network has gone down? Maybe your system just keeps locking up? Or your printer just won’t do its job? Don’t worry, we can help!

Whether your problem is a simple or a more complex one we are always happy to provide the most helpful and resolute onsite computer repairs and Support in Melbourne.

No matter the problem, no matter the location, we’ll take the pain out of your computer repairs!
 Save hundreds on the purchase of a new computer by putting your old computer through the Tech iT eZ “Back in Shape” Fitness Program.

Our overhaul will:
  • Optimize & Repair your OS, update it with latest service packs and security patches;
  • Streamline System Registry and perfrom Services Audit;
  • Remove Internet residue, software installation clutter and OS junk;
  • Install and configure anti-virus and firewall software;
  • Repair damaged, corrupted and degraded file systems;
  • Enhance physical memory economy policies.
 Cut office costs and increase efficiency by sharing devices and services such as printers, scanners, external drives, and Internet access.

Centralise administration and databases, and reduce IT complexity: minimizing occurance of failures and downtime.

Interlink your plasma screen, computers, game consoles and Internet all into one High-Tech Wireless Home Entertainment System!

Connect your computers and harness the power of a multi-system environment!
 The Internet is an amazing place where all the world’s information is available on request, when you want it how you want it. But like every great city, in the dark allies of the internet lurk very dangerous characters.

Protect your sensitive data and financial information from the prying eyes of uknown intruders, with a combination of the latest in anti-viral software and robust firewall configurations.

Protect your family and their computing experience, and enjoy peace of mind that the only people using your home computer are you and your family!
 Have you ever had a sudden breakthrough in your work only to have your system unexpectedly halt?

Have you ever been updating your financial records when a sudden power surge leaves your database in an unintelligible mess?

Have you ever been browsing through your family photos only to accidentally delete an image?

Save Your Memories, Save Your Business... Recover Your Data!
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